HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE / Gærald Arev Kurdian 
Music, visuals & dj sets for the alternatives to come

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HOT BODIES - TV is a collectively constituted, living archive.
At the intersection of artwork, social justice and new ecologies for the future, this unique TV series stimulates conversations between people from different European contexts.
Kurdian conceived of HOT BODIES - TV as a multifaceted TV format, with every episode focusing on different guests. Episode after episode, this creates an expanding archive, subdivided into four playlists that coincide with as many strategies of ecofeminist activism: occupy, heal, celebrate and transform.


Videos & Visuals


Concept, performance & editing
Gérald kurdian


Kunstenfestivaldesarts (cancelled) / Bxl (Be)
Rencontres Multiples / Bourges (Fr)